Termites can be found in various suburbs throughout Melbourne. While it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of every suburb where termites are present, here are some examples of suburbs in Melbourne where termite activity has been reported:

  1. Balwyn
  2. Brighton
  3. Doncaster
  4. Essendon
  5. Glen Waverley
  6. Malvern
  7. Oakleigh
  8. Point Cook
  9. Ringwood
  10. St Kilda
  11. Templestowe
  12. Werribee
  13. Williamstown
  14. Yarraville


Please note that the presence of termites can vary within each suburb, and it is important to understand that termites can be found in other suburbs not listed here. It is recommended to consult with Professional Termite Control Melbourne who are familiar with termite activity in specific areas of Melbourne. They can conduct thorough inspections, provide accurate information about termite risks in your suburb, and offer appropriate treatment and prevention strategies tailored to your location.