Termite Nest Elimination

Is your property infested with termites?

When dealing with a termite-infested building, it is important to focus on locating the nest responsible for the problem. Conducting a thorough inspection of the property surrounding the affected building, paying special attention to trees and tree stumps, serves as a crucial initial step in any treatment process. However, it’s important to note that standard inspections following AS 3660.2 guidelines are visual and non-intrusive, and although they include examining potential nest habitats in gardens and trees, they may not be the most effective method for locating a termite nest in the Melbourne environment.

In cases where we recommend a separate “intrusive nest search” as a valuable service in addition to the inspection, we employ drilling and temperature probing techniques on selected trees and stumps, typically in the immediate vicinity of the infested building. By utilizing temperature probes to track heat sources, we can usually identify a termite nest, complete with one or more queens, rather than just a tree inhabited by feeding termites.

Our highest success rates in nest location are observed in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, where the Coptotermes frenchi species is prevalent. However, we experience less success in locating nests in inner urban areas, even when trees are present, as they tend not to harbor nests of the “urban termite” species, Coptotermes acinaciformis.

In addition to assisting our clients in managing termite infestations, we also offer nest location services in parks and reserves for councils, typically when residents have reported the telltale signs of flying termites emanating from a tree.
If you need help asap eliminating a pervasive termite nest give the helpful team at Professional Termite Control Melbourne a call today.