Termite Monitoring Systems

How do termite monitoring systems provide protection against termite attacks on buildings?

Termite monitoring systems involve the placement of specialized stations around the perimeter of a building, typically in garden beds and landscaped areas. These stations contain carefully selected timbers and an organic attractant.

Regular maintenance of the monitoring stations is essential, typically every 12 weeks, including the regular refreshment of attractants. If any monitor is found to be infested with termites, a termite bait is added. The bait material is specifically formulated to be highly attractive to termites. The termites collect the bait and transport it back to their nest, where it is shared with the termite queen and other members of the colony. The slow-acting hormone inhibitor present in the bait gradually eliminates the queen and the entire termite colony. As a result, the termite pressure on the building is significantly reduced.

By continuously monitoring for termite activity and treating infestations with bait, termite colonies surrounding the property are systematically eliminated. This process helps to mitigate the risk of termites attacking the building to a level where a warranty can be provided, ensuring ongoing protection against termite threats.